Weddings and Events

Every year, Camp Paxson hosts  family reunions, weddings, retreats, schools, church groups, youth groups, music camps, performing arts camps, university groups, etc., etc. It is an ideal spot since it is completely self-contained, has no immediate adjacent neighbors, is in a gorgeous natural setting, and is only 2¼ miles from the town of Seeley Lake and 55 miles from Missoula.


Educational Events

Camp Paxson is host to a wide range of outdoor education events. It is the perfect place to appreciate nature and learn about the ways we can preserve it.

2016 Boy Scout Group
Canoes (Small)


On beautiful Seeley Lake, Camp Paxson offers various recreation opportunities. Camp fires, kayaking, hiking, swimming, mountain biking and grounds activities!

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This is the most pristine place you could hold a wedding. Picture-perfect scenery paired with excellent accommodations means all parties will be astounded making for a very happy couple!

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To preserve and improve historic Camp Paxson and to advance the public’s appreciation of this cultural and natural resource both locally and regionally through expanded appropriate use.