Outdoor Education

The Larch Outdoor Education Center

The Larch OE Center is a project that the Camp Paxson Preservation Project has been dreaming of for years and is finally coming to life in the next year. With the help of community supporters, volunteer professionals and grant funding, Camp Paxson has been able to develop a residential outdoor education program that will pilot in spring 2020 with the goal to launch in fall 2020.

A Center for Outdoor Recreation and Education

Accessible Residential Outdoor Education

The Larch Center will provide our area’s first full-service residential outdoor education facility with the goal to make it financially accessible to all regional students.

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To serve youth with place-based, hands-on, experiential outdoor educational opportunities, building a positive sense of connection to and appreciation of their world and each other.

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Educational Opportunities

We will be booking for Fall 2020 soon. Contact us for more information.

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Contact us to find out how you can help support outdoor education for all.

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To advance the public’s knowledge and appreciation of the cultural and natural legacy of Camp Paxson.